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If you are a home based business or a startup then these deals are for you.

Apart from our per hour and job based pricing, we have packaged these services as deals to provide a better value for your investment.


Our Deals

SEO Deals

These SEO deals would be an excellent option to hold your position on search engines.

After achieving a good position on google, bing, yahoo or MSN, it is very essential to carry on with the SEO strategies to sustain your position and to take it even higher. For this, on going SEO efforts have to be carried out with existing tasks as well as constantly upgrading and following the latest algorithm of the search engines.

Your existing competition as well as new entrants will also be continously striving to get to the top. Unless you carry out the SEO process, it would be difficult to sustain your position. Hence day to day SEO activities have to be carried on and on.

To address this specific situation, we have packaged the following deals to suit optimization based on budget.

SEO Activities $300/mo $500/mo $750/mo
Working hours 3 hrs/6 days/week 5 hrs/6 days/week 8 hrs/6 days/week
On site optimization
URL Cannonization Yes Yes Yes
Keywords 1 2 5
Website Analysis Yes Yes Yes
META Tag Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Content Optimization Yes Yes Yes
Image Optimization Yes Yes Yes
XML Sitemap Yes Yes Yes
Off site optimization
Article submission No Yes Yes
Forum posting Yes Yes Yes
Blog posting Yes Yes Yes
Social bookmarking No No Yes
Directory submission No No Yes
News Releases No No Yes
Search engine pinging Yes Yes Yes


On all the above deals we will be working six days a week in creating high quality backlinks on various online resources like, Social networks, Social bookmarking websites, article databases, forums, blogs and news release websites. As we constantly monitor a search engines algorithm, we update our SEO tactics and implement them to sustain your websites position on search engines.

Apart from the above mentioned strategies we also follow certain unique SEO techniques that we have acquired over the years closely following search engine bots.

* The prices mentioned are based on reasonably calculated standard work flow. There may be additional charges and costs involved if the demands are considerably deviating from standard work procedures. For a more accurate quote, please feel free to contact us as you may also avail a reduced pricing if applies.